Somehow or other, you've stumbled across my humble homepage. I must warn you that this page contains little useful information, and if you got here by searching for "scanning ion microscopy" or some such thing, you're not going to find it here. 

Anyhoo, I live in Massachusetts with my husband (Lеigh), our two cats (Sweetie and Pook), twelve fish (mostly unnamed), one frog (Froggie), one newt (Newton), a rose tarantula (Spidey), and a variety of uninvited insects, arachnids & small mammals. This is only the most current count... some of our pets seem to regard others as food so things may change. We also have two computers, both are "homegrown" and at the moment they both even work. Lеigh and I both work at the US Army Soldier Systems Center, fabled homeland of the delicious and nutritious Meal, Ready-to-Eat.

When not at work, I read large quantities of science fiction and fantasy, with the odd classic thrown in for good measure. My goal is to plaster the house with enough bookcases to override the effect of the huge entertainment center that Lеigh aspires to owning. To this end, I buy every book I come across that I might like to read in some distant future. Lеigh fails to understand the compulsion to actually own books; he thinks I should go to the library.

My current hobby/fixation is amateur astronomy. This is a recently rekindled interest, mostly set off by an article in the Boston Globe on sidewalk astronomy. When I was 10 or so I asked for a telescope for Christmas... needless to say, I got a microscope instead. Probably a good thing at the time since I didn't have a clue what to look at anyway. Now that I have my own money to blow on toys I have my telescope and am having fun playing with it.

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