Disclaimer: If you made it to this page in search of real information, try the Aquaria FAQs. My page contains no useful information... just an accounting of the dearly departed.  :)

Since I started my fish collection in 1991 in my dorm room with two goldfish in a pickle jar, I've killed an astonishing number of fish. It's not that I'm mean to them or anything, I take very good care of the little guys... I even feed them.

At the current moment, my tank has a grand total of five critters in it (not counting single celled organisms). I have a kuhli loach who I'm pretty sure is Norman, making him the sole survivor of my original generation of fish. I also have an unnamed kuhli loach, and an unnamed emerald catfish. My newt lives with my other fish and is named Newton. The newest addition to my tank is an african dwarf frog. He started out small enough to be newt food, but has since eaten himself into an unparelled state of amphibian obesity. I'd feed them less, but I don't think Newton would ever get any food if I did that.

Although my tank is now quite healthy, for the sake of entertaining anybody who's still reading this, I've compiled a list of all the fish I've "cared" for in the past eleven years.

It should be noted that this page only covers my fish as opposed to Leigh's which are in the tank across the room. I suppose we could consolidate our fish into a single tank, but at the moment everyone is living in two ten gallon tanks in the kitchen. They were supposed to live in the dining room, but we decided that the hardwood looks better without large water stains.

*Update* This page was created approximately five years ago... Since then I haven't killed a single fish!* We won't mention Leigh's tank... Angelfish ate his black khuli loach then died. Angelfish is currently buried under one of the many rocks behind our house.

* Well, ok, maybe one. Dopey, or maybe it was Moe (I never was able to tell them apart) died earlier in the summer of '02. If this really was Dopey, it's likely that this is the first of my fish to die of natural causes... I figure 11 years is a pretty good run for a $1.25 catfish.

Legend: Green = Alive, Blue = Unknown, Red = Dead as a Doornail
George redcap fancy goldfish Died in the Great Goldfish Plague (GGP) of January, 1993
Harry redcap fancy goldfish Died, GGP
Stubby green/gold catfish Died of severe fin-rot (he was pretty far gone when Leigh bought him for me...)
Dopey green/gold catfish Died, Natural causes in the summer of '02
Norman striped kuhli loach Still among the living
Spot orange calico fancy goldfish Died, GGP
Zippy blue calico fancy goldfish Died of Goldfish Floating Disease (GFD)
Bloop blue calico fancy goldfish Died, GFD (I bought him out of a tank of already pretty sick fish, but he was really cute and he was just calling out, "buy me, buy me")
Bukey blue calico regular goldfish Died of White Scummy Goldfish Fungus (WSGF)
Marvin orange feeder goldfish Died, GGP
Stupid brown, later pale yellow feeder goldfish Died, unknown causes, just up 'n croaked
Cleo orange fancy goldfish Died, GGP
Moe green/gold catfish Died, unknown causes
Jeff's Fish orange fancy goldfish Died, GFD
Herman black moor (google-eye) goldfish Died, GFD
Fluffy brown fancy goldfish Died, trapped in a large snail shell my father brought me from Maine (we didn't find him till he rotted and turned the water in the tank brown.)
Muffy brown fancy goldfish Died, WSGF
Frank blue male betta Died, unknown causes
Unnamed Neons #'s 1 to 3 red & blue neons Died, fell prey to various larger fish including Frank
Unnamed Stripey Loach #1 kuhli loach Died, Partially swallowed by Newton, died of complications resulting from his injuries
Unnamed Stream Fish #'s 1 to 4 little stream fish, species unknown Fate Unknown, set free after a semester or two in captivity
Unnamed Algae Eater chinese algae eater Fate Unknown, set free in a Whately, MA stream after trying to suck the color off Herman. In retrospect, releasing non-native species to local streams is a very big no-no. Later on, we got rid of several of Leigh's unwanted fish by pouring them into the somewhat algea filled goldfish pond in the Mountain Farms Mall when no one was looking.
Scooter black and white spotted catfish Died, unknown causes
Unnamed Upside-down Guy upside-down catfish Died, unknown causes
Unnamed Pleco grey pleco Fate Unknown, presumed dead... disappeared in my newt tank under suspicious circumstances.
Unnamed Stripey Loach #2 kuhli loach Still among the living
Unnamed Catfish emerald catfish Still among the living
Unnamed little wild newt yellowie spotted newt Died, unknown causes, but he infected my whole tank with little worms before he did.
Newton fire-belly newt Still among the living
Froggie african dwarf frog Doing dandy... should soon be large enough to eat Netwon.


About their diseases...

I feel at this point that I should include definitions of a few possibly unfamiliar terms I have used in this document:

Great Goldfish Plague (GGP) - The Great Goldfish Plague occurred during January of 1993. Although I had a large number of fish in my tank, things were going along swimmingly when suddenly almost every member of my fish community was stricken with a disease which caused them to sit in a bored fashion at the bottom of the tank, grow white fungus all over their bodies and subsequently croak. Although heroic measures were taken to rescue them, there were few survivors. I believe the only goldfish to survive the plague was Herman.

Goldfish Floating Disease (GFD) - Goldfish Floating Disease might be a swim bladder problem but I dunno. From further readings it looks like this mostly affects fancy goldfish who've had most of the useful fish traits bred out of them. Fish stricken with the illness seem healthy enough otherwise, but start floating "butt first" to the top of the tank on a regular basis and eventually croak over a long period of time. This is how I lost most of my fancy goldfish after the GGP.

White Scummy Goldfish Fungus (WSGF) - White Scummy Goldfish Fungus is what it says. The GGP was actually an outbreak of WSGF with various other complications. The afflicted fish generally becomes covered with white scum and eventually is overcome.

These diseases are only the most common and most fatal. There have also been close calls, such as when I fed them too many food pellets and they all swelled up to twice their normal size. I was unaware that goldfish were actually dumb enough to eat themselves to death... silly me.

Handy fish tips for anybody who doesn't want to make the same mistakes I did... :)

1. Goldfish get really big...

2. When they say "one inch of fish per gallon" at the petstore, they rarely remind you of tip #1.

3. Goldfish poop a phenominal amount.

4. Goldfish and cute little fish bowls do not go well together. (Reference tips #1 and #3.)

5. Read the Aquaria FAQs before getting fish.

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