sci.astro.amateur - Highly useful newsgroup for amateur astronomy. If you don't have usenet access, try Deja to read news on the web.

Telescope Makers

Orion - Lots of telescopes and goodies...  buy online
Celestron - Good info, but no direct sales
Meade - Good info, but also no direct sales
Discovery - Buy directly from manufacturer... good prices on dobs
Starsplitter - Very nice dobs... the day I get a house with a better view of the sky I'm buying one of these. :)
Obsession - Really BIG scopes....
Starmaster - Another maker of high quality large dobs.
Tele Vue - Very nice refractors... equally well known for their line of eyepieces.
Astro-Physics - High end refractors, and a loooooooong waiting list.

Places to buy stuff

Astronomy Mall and Astromart have lists of equipment dealers, as well as classifieds for used stuff.
Anacortes Telescope and Wild Bird- Good site with a wide selection of stuff to buy... I've had very good customer service from them.
Eagle Optics- Also a good site, no problems ordering...
Adorama Camera - Good selection and good prices
University Optics - Their orthoscopic eyepieces are reasonably priced, and seem to be well regarded.
Scopestuff - Small but highly useful selection of trinkets... filter cases, thumbscrews, etc.
Equatorial Platforms - Very pretty, and reputedly very well constructed equatorial platforms for dobs. Alas, a platform from these guys would cost twice as much as my scope. :P
"Johnsonian" Platforms - Another maker of equatorial platforms... I haven't seen as much discussion on these as on the platforms from the first manufacturer mentioned here, but they look pretty good and are fairly reasonably priced. If I cave in and order one, I'll post more info.
Steven Mogg's webcam adaptors - Mr. Mogg makes a variety of adapters useful for doing webcam astrophotography.
Scopetronix - A variety of telescope stuff, including adapters to allow afocal astrophotography with a regular digital camera.

Neat Stuff

Astronomy Picture of the Day - Pretty pictures, and excellent taste... They linked to my Just So Stories page on July 20, 2001. :)
Impressions of the Deep Sky - Pretty drawings
SEDS: Students for the Exploration and Development of Space - Lots of good info... Messier, NGC databases etc.
Heavens-Above - Find out when a satellite will be overhead...  ISS, the space shuttle, Iridium Flares, etc.


Sky & Telescope - Spiffy...  Skymaps for each month, and a sampler of good objects to looks at.  Somewhat more technical than Astronomy
Astronomy - Also has nice maps for each month...  I think I like the layout of S&T better, but this is pretty good too.

General Info and How to...

Cosmic Voyage - Lots of good basic information, nice layout
A Telescope for under $500 - The very first telescope site I came across... good starting point with basic information
Mel Bartels' Homepage - All sorts of good "how to" stuff...  collimation, motorize your scope, etc.
QuickCam and Unconventional Imaging Astronomy Group - Lots of info on webcam astrophotography...
AstroCam - webcam astrophotography, many pictures.
Cylindrical Bearing Equatorial Platform - Warren Peter's page on equatorial platforms. Lots of pictures and specific information on how to construct the platform.


ATM of Boston - Good info, I think this is the largest group in my area
International Dark Sky Association - Dedicated to promoting good lighting practices and reducing the spread of light pollution.


SkyMap Pro - Runs on Win 95/98/00, very good user interface, can print good quality maps. An almost fully functional demo version is available for download.
XEphem - Runs under X-Windows (Unix type systems - Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris)... download for free! Also allows you to download various databases and hook into the Hubble Guide Star Catalogue.

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